Laura GOK

Laura GOK is the founder of Resaschemie A.S in 2014 she established this company andmanufacture right after she had decided to bring vision not only to chemicals production but also to a country that she has been living in for 14 years.

Her career starts in 2004 when she starts her own business in a young age.
She belives that quality of the products and warm relations between people can do an amazing things.

Therefore Laura GOK has her targents and some of them that she put on her map are already done.
In this short time RESASCHEMIE has become a leader of export in textile chemicals.

Her aim is to be a leader in all markets to show that women has a power and vision to do things which can be helpful for the entire world.

RESASCHEMIE has worked and is still working on innavations as it has produced very economical and quality products which keep the ecology clean.