Respect Chemistry

RESAS CHEMIE is a leader in the customized development, manufacture,Exporter , importer and marketing of a wide variety of adhesives, coatings, and emulsion polymers. RESAS CHEMIE is a one of the major viscosity enhancer manufacturer in the world.

For over ten years, we’ve created a broad line of polymer emulsions for a variety of industries and markets, including textile , paint, paper, adhesives, building products and non-wovens. We’re also known for developing specialty polymers for individual customers — from research to sales and every step in between.

We aspire to be the leading product and service provider for speciality chemicals in the WORLDWIDE textile industry. RESAS CHEMIE in the 1990s and our growth today has been due to our strong focus on technological improvements, a keen understanding of the ground realities of the textile industry and our vision to understand and meet the individual requirements that our clients have in worldwide

We have a wide product portfolio that ranges from pre-treatment chemicals, dyeing agents, functional finishing agents , printing agents and other chemicals for textile industry .Our sales team in ISTANBUL handles corporate sales and export orders and we are supported by a well knit& Woven marketing network of agents for key markets across worldwide .
Our products are manufactured in our factories in Turkey and Morocco and undergo careful testing in our application laboratory. We also offer our clients technical and developmental services as well as support to achieve the desired quality of finishing for their production .